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Posted by James Wyatt – July 22, 2014 browse all

There is No Place Like Home: Simplifying the Move from Aperture to Lightroom

Almost all of us can agree that life is full of transitions. Whether it’s getting acclimated to a new job, or packing up the U-haul and moving into a new home, the process of moving is exhausting, tedious, and flat out overrated.

Unfortunately for Aperture users, Apple’s recent decision to eliminate their professional photography software has put many photographers in a state of transition and frustration. However, there has never been a more obvious time to make the switch to Lightroom! This post will help Aperture users find comfort in their new workflow through a brief overview of the necessary steps for a seamless transition to Lightroom. Continue reading

Posted by Steve Messa – July 16, 2014 browse all

Two New Features in the Mosaic App: Slide Show & Open-in!

Today, we’re proud to release our next update to the Mosaic iOS App that includes two new features: The ability to view photos as a slide show and the ability to open photos in other apps like Snapseed, Mpix and many more!

The update is available right now in the App Store, so make sure you’re updated to the latest version to gain access to these new features.

Slide Show

As you may have noticed in our Feature Request forum, the Slide Show feature has been something that Mosaic users have wanted for a long time. We’re extremely excited to finally bring this ability to life in the Mosaic App.

To create a slide show, navigate to the specific folder, collection, or photo you’d like to start the slide show from, and then simply hit the slide show button in the bottom left of the app!


While our bread and butter (and our primary focus) is on helping photographers manage and organize their photos (in the form of starring, flagging, and soon-to-be keywording from the Mosaic App), we wanted to give photographers more freedom with their photos. We wanted to make it easier for them to take advantage of the other great photography apps at their disposal.

In turn, you can now open the photos you’ve synced to Mosaic into other apps (like Snapseed), right from the Mosaic App! To do this, simply navigate to the photo you’d like to open and then select the Open-in button in the bottom left of the app. See the screenshot below.

Thank you as always for sharing your passion with Mosaic! Stay tuned for more new features coming very soon.
Posted by Gerard Murphy – June 27, 2014 browse all

Free IBook from Mosaic – Develop Great Images in Lightroom

Developing Great Images in Lightroom

Who doesn’t want to make better images in Lightroom?!? Until 8/1 we at Mosaic are proud to sponsor this awesome iBook on Developing Great Images in Lightroom for FREE for anyone.

The iBook is jam packed with over 236 pages of practical advice and tips on making your Lightroom images look their absolute best.

Chapters Include:

    Why Raw Matters
    Quick Fixes
    The Perfect Crop
    Mastering Exposure and Tone.
    Refining Color
    The Finer Details

The book covers everything you need to know to become a Lightroom develop module ninja.

Authors include Lightroom heavy hitters Nicole S. Young, Levi Sim, Rob Sylvan, and Rich Harrington. Oh, and I wrote a couple chapters as well…

You can get the book here...

It is currently available as an iBook.  You will need an iPad or iPad mini to view or a Mac running OS 10.9 or newer. And did we mention that it is FREE until 8/1!

However, if you want to view this book on your Android or Windows PC, you can do so using this Scribd link.

Tell us what you think!

Posted by Steve Messabrowse all

Get the Free Lightroom Preset for Great Beach and Summer Photos!

We’ve released a brand new, free Lightroom preset for awesome summer and beach photos from the renowned photographer Robert Louis Vanelli. You can download the free preset here.

This preset is all about great, earthy beach photos! Split toning, desaturating colors and using curves to crunch the blacks help create an earth tone effect great for outdoor shots. To further enhance the effect, add a 30% noise reduction to soften skin for female models. Once you tweak the image, save the preset with an appended name such as “Beach Day-30% NR”. This will save time when applying the effect on females or children.

Don’t know how to install Lightroom presets? No problem! Click here to read our blog post on installing Lightroom Presets.

Please share this post and help us spread the word! Free Lightroom Preset for Summer and Beach Photos

Posted by Steve Messa – June 18, 2014 browse all

Mosaic Integrates with Google, Drops Prices to Take On Lightroom Mobile

Mosaic Google Drive

Photographers Can Sync Lightroom to iPad & iPhone without the Creative Cloud

Mosaic today unveiled a bold update to the Mosaic iOS App that includes seamless integration with Google Drive, the ability to sync photos by specific Lightroom collection, and more than a 70% reduction in pricing. This makes the Mosaic App the most integrated and cost-effective way for photographers to access, organize, and share their Lightroom photos away from the desktop.

The new Mosaic App is available now for $24.99 per year in the iTunes App Store, but until August 1, 2014, those who purchase the app will only pay a one-time fee of $24.99.

“Teaming up with Google Drive made so much sense for us,” said Gerard Murphy, CEO of Mosaic. “Letting Google handle the photo storage infrastructure allows us to focus on what makes Mosaic unique: helping photographers privately access, organize and share their best Lightroom photos wherever they go.”

Mosaic uses a Lightroom Plug-in on the desktop to automatically sync a photographer’s Lightroom photos to his or her personal and private Google Drive account. The photos can then be accessed in the Mosaic App on iPhone and iPad, complete with their original Lightroom folders, collection structure, and metadata.

Photographers can organize their Lightroom photos in the Mosaic App by editing photo metadata, like stars and pick flags, and then syncing those changes automatically back into Lightroom on their desktop.

“Our photos are our stories. Mosaic gives you the ability to share these stories when you are on the go and away from your desktop,” says Murphy.

“The Mosaic App has been a fantastic addition to my photography workflow,” says Levi Sim of SDesigns Photography. “Culling photos with stars and flags from the road, or the couch in my living room, has been a real game changer for me. Now I always have my Lightroom photos with me, so I show clients their photos on my iPad. I’ve even stopped lugging my laptop everywhere I go.”

Key features of the Mosaic App include:

  • Access Lightroom on your iPhone and iPad, complete with your Lightroom folder and collection structure.

  • Sync your Lightroom library to Mosaic, or sync photos by collection, smart collection, stars, flags, or date.

  • Star and flag photos from the Mosaic App and these changes will sync back to Lightroom automatically.

  • See what photos you’ve published to Mosaic right in Lightroom, and access JPEGs of your photos on your private Google Drive account.

  • Share your Lightroom photos to Facebook & Twitter, save them to your Camera Roll, or text & email them to clients.

  • No Creative Cloud subscription required.

Pricing and Availability

The Mosaic App is available now for $24.99 per year in the iTunes App Store, but until August 1 2014, those who purchase the Mosaic App will only pay a one-time fee of $24.99.

Helpful Links

Mosaic in the App Store

Upgrade Process for Current Customers

Getting Started with the Mosaic App

Mosaic Website

Mosaic Blog

Posted by Gerard Murphy – June 17, 2014 browse all

Time For A Change – Integrating with Google Drive

Dear Valued Mosaic Users and Customers,

When we started Mosaic three years ago, we wanted to create a service to help serious photographers better manage, backup, organize, and access their best images in an increasingly mobile and cloud-based world. This mission hasn’t changed, and today, I am very excited to unveil the evolution of this mission as we lower our prices, shift our backend technology to Google Drive, and announce some new features.

We initially set out to create a service that we ourselves could use to manage our own photo collection. During the last 3 years, a lot has changed. Some tools that were not widely available three years ago are now more mature and common. Some of the challenges in the serious photographer’s workflow have only gotten worse.

As we have grown as a company, we have put more emphasis on our mobile solution to help photographers access, organize, and share their Lightroom images from our iOS app. We are proud that thousands of users use our app every day to tell stories with their photos whenever and wherever they are.

Amidst these successes, we have heard three consistent and major pieces of feedback from our users:

      Selective Publishing – Photographers want to choose which photos they automatically publish to Mosaic.
      Better consistency – In order for them to rely on Mosaic, the app needs to be bulletproof.
      Lower prices – They want to sync more images and be able to organize photos on the go for less money.

    This new evolution of the Mosaic product addresses all of this feedback, and even adds more features that we know you will love.

    Continue reading
Posted by Steve Messa – May 28, 2014 browse all

New Black & White Fashion Preset by Mykii Liu


Hot off the presses… A beautiful black and white fashion preset called BWDrama Fashion. This preset was created by renowned photographer Mykii Liu (check out some of his work here!).

You can download this new preset here.

For some added context, here’s a little background on this preset from Mykii… Continue reading

Posted by Gerard Murphy – May 22, 2014 browse all

The Best Camera For A New Parent

A friend and new father-to-be asked me recently – what camera should I buy? Since tons of wonderful family memories are about to come his way, he thought it was the right time to finally purchase a camera. (His iPhone works well for Instagram but he wanted more.) In turn, he asked for my recommendation of a great camera for taking photos of the family. Since, I get these requests often, I figured it would be a good post for others.

Here’s my response:

Hi Andy,

I am looking forward to your new arrival!

First, a question. What are you looking to do? I mean are you looking for connivence or are you getting into photography and this is something you want to invest in?

My first recommendation is to go used. I bought most of my gear on craigslist… A lot of cameras collect dust in a closet and then the owner wants to sell for another toy. You can get some great deals.

Another possibility is to try before you buy. Renting a lens or camera for a week can give you a feel for it. Here is a 10% off coupon for a lens rental. Continue reading

Posted by Steve Messa – April 22, 2014 browse all

Which Mac Computer Should You Buy for Lightroom 5?

Which Mac Computer Should You Buy for Lightroom 5?

With every new computer comes new and powerful software that puts the new computer’s tech specs to the test. It’s an endless and expensive cycle, but one that’s worth enduring to have the latest tricks of the trade at your fingertips.

Adobe Lightroom 5 helps photographers manage, organize and edit all of their photos. It’s a revolutionary tool, but the software is demanding. Photographers have thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of photos, and rendering previews for these photos and editing/developing massive files is processor intensive. Since photography is important to you, you’d put yourself at a sharp advantage by ensuring your computer is well-equipped for this task.

In this blog article, I juxtapose Adobe’s published Lightroom 5 requirements to what’s currently available on the Apple marketplace. I also examine whether Adobe’s system requirements meet the demanding needs of today’s professional photographer and then make appropriate recommendations. Continue reading

Posted by Gerard Murphy – April 17, 2014 browse all

9 Ways to Up Your iPhoneography Game

(Thanks to our friends at CreativeLivefor this great guest post!)

Though there’s still some debate over whether or not taking photos with your phone counts as “real” photography, there’s no question about whether or not people are doing it. Consistently, iPhones are the most-used camera (not the most-used phone, the most-used camera) on Flickr, and the market for iPhoneography apps and gear has growth leaps and bounds in the last several years. Plus, the iPhone’s camera is just well-built.

So how do you, as a photographer, get in on the iPhoneography action? A lot like you got into traditional photography: By practicing and figuring out the skills.

Here are a few ways you can boost your iPhone photography:

Continue reading

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