Two Way Lightroom Sync Now Available In The Mosaic App!

Gerard Murphy - December 03, 2013 | Lightroom, Lightroom Plugin, Mosaic, Workflow

We are very proud to announce the release of 2 Way Lightroom Sync functionality in the Mosaic iOS App. From the Mosaic App, you can now rate and flag your Lightroom photos! These changes will get automatically added back to your Lightroom catalog. This is all in addition to our already supported Lightroom to iOS integration of your Lightroom catalogs, folders, collections, stars, flags, keywords and capture time. You can get the Mosaic App for free!

Now after a day of shooting, you can pop your SD card into your computer, import the photos into Lightroom, grab your iPad, sit on the couch and go through the photos. Pick out the good ones, reject the bad ones, and share your favorites to Twitter or Facebook.

If there’s been one feature that we have been asked about the most, it is this one. Personally, I have been testing this feature for weeks. I have enjoyed going back through old photos and finding lost gems. The Mosaic App actually makes rating and flagging your photos fun! I found myself rating old and new photos while waiting in line at the supermarket on my iPhone and in bed before I feel asleep on my iPad. My wife also has started rating our family photos often telling me, lovingly, that I picked the wrong photos as the best. :)

This functionality has been something we’ve wanted ever since we launched Mosaic. We wanted to provide this feature in the same automated, hand-free way that users of Mosaic have come to expect. There is no moving of files or remembering to sync. Mosaic takes care of this automatically for you in the background. Just make a change in the iOS app and about 2 minutes later the file will change in Lightroom. To get new changes made in Lightroom, just “pull to refresh” in the iOS App.

So you may be asking yourself, “What about adding keywords to photos and putting photos into Lightroom collections?” Yes, we know. We want this too! We are actively working on this, but we wanted to release this functionality first.

Another common request has been including more metadata about the files in Mosaic. In turn, we have added much more EXIF data to view from the Mosaic App. Mosaic now includes information on the filename, capture time, collections, keywords, camera, lens, exposure, focal length, ISO, flash and image size.

You might notice that the initial synchronization of your Lightroom catalog to your iOS device takes a couple minutes. This is because we are downloading your catalogs metadata to the device. (This is rather small so it doesn’t take up much space on your iPad or iPhone.) This will make folder, catalog and metadata search much faster in the App. This also sets the stage for complete offline mode as a feature to be added later.

Please see this section in our support forum to learn more about how two way Lightroom sync works in the Mosaic App. Although you will hopefully find it intuitive, this can answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Please upgrade your account either on our website or through iOS in-App purchase to get more from your Mosaic account. You will also have to download the latest version of the Mosaic desktop client here for this functionality to work.

Please share this announcement with your fellow photographer friends so we can continue to innovate and develop!

As always, thank you for using Mosaic and keep taking beautiful photos!

  • Brad Balfour

    Is it possible to be on vacation and import new photos on the iPad via the camera connection kit into Mosaic? And then rate them or use the pick flags?
    That would really be the most useful workflow for me. The biggest thing is having to wait while on vacation to both see the photos large on the iPad and then get them organized and discard the rejects when I finally get home.

    • Sergio Burani

      Good question, Gerrard. This is the feature that would make me upgrade to a paid account.

    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Brad and Sergio.

      Thank you for the feedback. I hope we can earn your business!

      This is a common feature request and something we have thought about implementing. What will most likely come first is the ability to upload your iOS photos into Mosaic and automatically into Lightroom. This will set the stage for the bigger version of putting your raw / DSLR photos into Mosaic > Rating them > Putting them into LR.

      Really appreciate the feedback and working hard to get as many features as we can in there for everyone.

      (FYI, you can vote up and suggest features here on our help forum: )

  • Andy Goundry

    Hi. For me, this release has broken sync between the iPad and desktop. It was working fine with the beta, but now with the latest mac and iOS apps, i always get this error: “Two-way metadata synchonization requires newer desktop client. Please upgrade your desktop Mosaic app and re-login.”. I’ve contact support but no response..?

    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Andy, We responded to your request within 24 hours. We are working to resolve the issues you are seeing. Thank you for your patience. We are a little swamped with new upgrades and issues around the release. Best, Gerard

      • Marcin Miduch

        Nope, It’s still not working. Same error : Two-way metadata synchonization requires newer desktop client. Please upgrade your desktop Mosaic app and re-login
        And I’ve upgraded my desktop client today.

        • MosaicArchive

          Hi Marcin, We are looking into the error you are seeing. It looks like for some reason we are not getting your catalog uploaded. We are working on getting a fix out to you. Thanks!

          • Raj

            I am also seeing the same message on my iphone when i try to rate pictures. I downloaded the latest windows client today.

          • MosaicArchive

            Hi Raj. sorry for the troubles getting started. This could be two things. First, the easy fix. Please try to log out and log back in from the iOS App. If this doesn’t work, please email us at and we will look into the issue right away. Thanks!

          • Bill

            I’m running into the same issue. There’s only one reason I chose to subscribe to this app instead of dumping a bunch of photos into a photo stream: synchronization between the app and Lightroom. It’s an awesome capability you’re offering. Perfect for what I’m doing with my photography. I hope you can get it fixed soon! I don’t need any new features. I just need this bug fixed!

          • MosaicArchive

            Thanks for the kind words Bill. We are working on fixing the bug. In fact, we are just working on bug fixing at the moment. No new features until we are bulletproof.

            Just to explain for others reading this post, we have our old code and new (two-way sync) code working in parallel. If you have updated the desktop client but are still getting this message, it usually means that our new code on your desktop has failed silently. The App defaults back to the old code, so it looks like everything is working. Usually the new code fails for some reason dealing with the “live data” of real catalogs like spaces in file names, foreign characters, etc. We are fixing all of these issues as they come up. Bill, we will be looking into your issue very soon if we are not already doing so. I hope this will be a quick fix.

            OK, I take it back… we are working on one new feature. We hope to release next week a new “auto-upgrade” desktop client, this way you won’t have to keep track of all of the new versions, it will just upgrade automatically for you in the background as we have fixes (and also eventually as we add new features.)

            Thank you for your patience as we get this up and going. The response to our new product has been amazing and we look forward to making it work seamlessly for everyone.

            Best, Gerard

  • Gunder Mistro

    Reading the comments below I feel that this is still very much beta. Two months after this comments, it doesn’t work on my iPhone. Anyway, the app is very slow, even I have a iPhone 5s. I am very disappointed. Response from customer support is very quick but doesn’t solve my problems. Unfortunately I paid to get this sync feature. Good thing: I can stop the annual fee and just forget about this software which would be really useful if working :-(

    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Gunder, I apologize for the trouble you’re experiencing. We’d love to get this sorted out for you. I’m having trouble locating your ticket in our system, could you please open a new support ticket here?

      We’d love to help. Best, Steve

  • Nathan Chilton

    Is there an Android version in the works? I know it’s cumbersome to develop for multiple platforms, but both my phone and tablet are Android devices and I have no interest in getting an iOS device. It would be nice though to have this functionality

    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Nathan, Yes we are planning on an Android version as well but there is no timeline for it at the moment. We want to make sure we get everything right first before expanding the number of platforms we support. You can vote up this feature here on our forum:

      Thank you for your interest!