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Posted by James Maynard – May 31, 2013 browse all

Auto-Advancing to Next Photo in Lightroom

Taking a lot of pictures is a great way to make sure that you snap at least a few really good ones. A good photographer will pore through image after image, looking for the one that really shines.

If you are out on vacation, you may find yourself coming home with hundreds of pictures that you will want to narrow down to just a few to show to friends and family. Looking through hundreds of images like this can take a long time, and the process can be repetitive.

Lightroom offers many ways of winnowing out photos, allowing you to select photos by star rating, date taken and much more.

As you are going through your photos, you can hit the letter P to pick an image as one of your favorites. Normally, you would then have to hit your right arrow button to bring you to the next selection, but there is an easier way to make this happen.

To save time during this process, go to your photo menu in the library module. Then, select “Auto Advance.” Then, after you choose a photo as a favorite, Lightroom will bring you to the next picture in your collection.

You can also do this by hitting the shift key when making your flag or star rating selection. You can also enable the caps lock which will do the same thing (as it is like pressing shift key.)

It may not save a lot of time with each picture, but it all adds up.

  • Denny

    Engaging the caps lock key accomplishes the same thing without going to the menu, and is easily adjusted as you progress through the images.

    • gerardmurphy

      Great tip Denny!