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Posted by James Maynard – March 07, 2013 browse all

The Top Six Reasons to Use Lightroom Plugins

Adobe Lightroom has the ability to be customized through the use of plugins, which are tiny Apps that give the software the ability to do new things. Examples of these tasks might be uploading directly to other programs or to the security of cloud storage. There are numerous reasons you will want to use plugins within the framework of Lightroom, but here are some of the top benefits:

1) It can help you sell photos – If you are a commercial photographer, you know that you need to get your picture noticed on the web. And although there is no way to be sure that your photo is noticed online, photographers who carefully craft the unseen metadata hiding in photos have an edge. Lightroom works by changing the metadata, creating effects which are laid over your original photo, allowing for non-destructive editing. But there is also metadata which can not be seen by people, but can be seen by search engines, giving them information on the picture’s content, subject matter, technical specifications and more. A photo that comes up high in searches is more likely to be seen and purchased, and there are several plugins to help you do just that.

2) You’ll better manage your social media – Lightroom, in its basic form, comes with the ability to publish to Facebook, Flickr and Adobe Revel. But, by using the appropriate plugins, you will be able to greatly increase the number of outlets which can be reached with ease. This will make it easier for you to share your vacation photos or the latest in fine photographic art work with your family, friends and co-workers. Once you have setup the plugin to work with your social media (Google Plus) or photo accounts (500px, SmugMug, etc.), sending your images to the web becomes a snap.

3) They help you become more creative – A wide class of plugins for Adobe Lightroom allow you more editing options than is available in the basic software. New tools will become available to you, allowing you a whole new world of possibilities like HDR. There are plugins for nearly any type of effect you can imagine, as well as some you may have never thought of before. Some of these can even help steer you toward a more creative result.

4) You can concentrate on one effect – Are you an aspiring digital version of Ansel Adams? There are plugins available for Lightroom that create black and white versions of your images, and do it very well, allowing you a lot of leeway in their production. There are others that are made just to give your digital image the look of film. No matter what effect(s) you may choose to use, there is likely a plugin available to help you to get the most out of your photography.

5) You’ll be able to show off your pictures anywhere – Now, through the use of a Lightroom plugin, you can not only store your photos on the web using cloud storage, but you are able to view them on many mobile devices or phones. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can show pictures of our family and friends to people with ease.

6) You can let everyone know exactly where you were – Geoencoding capabilities can also be added to Lightroom through the use of a plugin. This allows you add GPS coordinates to your photos, which can help your photo be found on the web. By coordinating your software with mapping and photo websites such as Google Earth and Flickr, the user is able to locate where they took the photo, and that information can then be tagged to the image.

Don’t underestimate the power of Adobe Lightroom in its most basic form, as it is a professional program meant for serious photographers. However, plugins offer you a way to customize the software, adapting it for your personal desires, needs and style. Perhaps the most important reason of all to use plugins within Adobe Lightroom is because they help put more of you into your photos.