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Posted by Gerard Murphy – January 31, 2013 browse all

New Version of Mosaic Coming! Tighter Integration with Lightroom

We are very happy to share with you some details about our upcoming release. This release is packed with awesome new features that we are super excited about.

For our existing customers there are a couple features we are retiring that you should know about.

We are taking our Lightroom integrated approach that has been very popular with our Mosaic View product and expanding it to include online RAW photo backup.

Our photo viewing app has also gotten a complete redesign. The new version of the App is faster, more stable, and also works on smartphones including the iPhone. You will also be able to see which photos are backed up from the Mosaic App.

Backing up using Lightroom data has a lot of advantages including the ability to better manage your cloud backups.

Photographers take a lot of photos (and videos) that generate a lot of data. As any photographer knows, not every photo is amazing…. or even good. One of the things we love about Lightroom is the ability to keep track of your “good photos”.

Many customers said to us that they didn’t want to pay to have their 50 bracketed photos backed up when really they only cared about the 1 complete HDR image. Why not automated this process?

Backing up images within Lightroom allows the flexibility to backup automatically by Lightroom metadata. You will be able to backup using stars, flags, dates, and/or collections automatically and easily. Or just automatically backup everything in Lightroom. This keeps your costs down while giving you all of the benefits of an automated backup solution.

This does however mean we will no longer backup any documents that are not in Lightroom.

If you are a current customer who uses Aperture, you are most likely asking, what about us? We are sorry to say we will not be supporting Aperture moving forward.

Another major change with this release is that we are moving our data infrastructure from our own servers and data center to Amazon. When we first launched Mosaic there was no scalable, offsite, redundant and cost effective cloud storage solution for photographers. So we built it. This changed when Amazon launched their Glacier service.

This is a win-win. Amazon are experts at keeping data safe. They have a stellar track record in large data management. This also frees up development resources on our end to work on the customer facing stuff as opposed to server side stuff. This should allow us to pump out more releases and features more quickly going forward. (We are also hiring!)

One temporary result of this change is that we will not be accepting new hard drive shipments. We will reactivate the service in the future.

All Mosaic Archive customers will have complete access to anything in Lightroom from our App included in their subscription fee.

We know these changes are going to delight many customers. But for others, Mosaic may no longer be a good fit for your online backup needs. Customers can cancel their accounts at any time using the “My Account” link at the bottom of our webpage. We sincerely hope that we can keep your business.

At some point in the near future, we will be shutting down our data center and discontinuing support for our current product. Lots of notices will be given before this happens.

We are very excited about this release. If you are interested in trying this service in beta, please email us. We will add you to the list!

We have lots of ideas about how to improve our product and give you more options in your Lightroom workflow. This is just the beginning!

Please never hesitate to reach out to us directly if you would like to share your thoughts or ideas.

Thank you again for your support.


Gerard and Andy
Co-Founders of Mosaic

Gerard Murphy

Gerard Murphy is an entrepreneurial do-er who is the CEO / Co-Founder of Mosaic. He is also a decent guy who loves his family, taking photos and startup culture. Loves promoting Mosaic to the world. Gerard has written several articles on entrepreneurship, marketing and photography that have appeared in publications including Forbes, LinkedIn and Photofocus.

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  • David Stubbart

    this all makes sense….I am looking forward to the new changes…congrats on the new directions and move to Glacier!

  • Bob

    So will there continue to be MosaicView and Mosaic Archive?

    If so, MosaicView customers have JPGs that get sent up to the cloud.  But this statement is confusing:

    “We are taking our Lightroom integrated approach that has been very popular with our Mosaic View product and expanding it to include online RAW photo backup.”

    Does this mean anything for pure MosaicView Customers?

    Also, please clarify this:

    “At some point in the near future, we will be shutting down our data center and discontinuing support for our current product.”

    Which current product?


    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Bob, Sorry this was confusing. We will still have 2 products but they will be integrated into one code base and download. The free version of Mosaic View will still be your most recent 2000 JPGs. This will not change. 

      Mosaic Archive customers will have access to Mosaic View Complete included in their subscription fee. Prices will remain the same. Only Mosaic Archive customers will be able up upload and restore their RAW files. 

      Everyone’s data will be moving to Amazon. Mosaic View will not run on Amazon Glacier but Amazon S3. View users should notice a nice speed increase as part of this move. 

      Hope that helps answer your questions. Best, Gerard

    • MosaicArchive

      Sorry about the confusion Bob. For the time being there will continue to be both a Mosaic Archive and a Mosaic View. However, they will be one download. For pure Mosaic View customers the big new features in this release are more stability, a better looking app, iPhone support, and faster speed on the upload and on the App. 

      Today everything (including Mosaic View) is run our own servers. Everything will be moved to Amazon. The App will be run on Amazon EC2. 

      Hope that helps clarify. Best, Gerard

  • Jrschwaller

    Will the new version support Windows Lightroom? Please…..

    • MosaicArchive

      This new version sets the stage for the Windows release but will not initially include Windows support. Moving to one code base (in Java) will allow us to port over to Windows relatively quickly. This is the next big development push after the release is out. 

  • Matt Kerner

    Two questions:
    1. How will this work for photos stored on external storage that may not always be connected?
    2. I regularly connect the Finder to MosaicArchive when I’m working remotely and need access to a photo. Will this still work when stored with Glacier or will there be a delay to access the photo on Mosaic?

    • MosaicArchive

      Hi Matt, Let me answer both questions: 

      1) We support external hard drive uploads. Mosaic will upload what is available and then let you know that it cannot upload more until the external drive is plugged in. 

      2) We are retiring the “Connect to Finder” feature. You will be able to download the JPG images from the Mosaic App. We hope to allow full image download (or at least 1:1 previews) from the App in a future release. 

      Hope that help1 Best, Gerard