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Posted by Gerard Murphy – August 12, 2011 browse all

20 Funny Celebrity Photo Backup Legends

Just for laughs, around the Mosaic lunch table, we were thinking of how celebrities and historic figures would backup their photos. We had a good laugh and decided to share some of the funnier ideas on our blog:
  1. Capt. Jack Sparrow: He buried his photos deep in a treasure chest with a bottle of rum where the photos are kept safe from Davey Jones’ locker.
  2. Jesus: Stored in “cloud storage” behind St. Peter’s Pearly Gates.
  3. Jay Z: He has 99 Problems but photos storage ain’t one.
  4. The Scream
  5. The Scream: This is picture of what happened when artist Edvard Munch lost his photos.
  6. Plato & Artistotle: Talked a lot about how to backup their photos but ultimately didn’t decide which way was best.
  7. Tiger Woods: He has photo storage options in most states.
  8. The Beatles: They needed “Help!” They were working “8 Days A Week” storing their photos. It’s “All Too Much.” They tried to find their favorite photos, but they were “Nowehere Man!” Then, they started working with Mosaic. I told them “We Can Work It Out.” And “With A Little Help From My Friends” they were able to “Get Back” all of their favorite photos.
  9. Marie Antoinette: Like a lot of things in her life, a lot of her photos ended up on the cutting room floor.
  10. Hans Solo: The original line was “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good photo management system at your side, kid.”
  11. Noah: Stored copies two by two in a large dry safe boat.
  12. Ron Burgundy: He stores his photos in many leather-bound books.
  13. Lewis and Clark: They traveled across the country looking for an appropriate place for their secondary storage location.
  14. Marty McFly: He traveled back to the future where he not only attended the enchantment under the sea dance, but he also recovered some photos of his parents.
  15. Andy Dufresne (From Shawshank Redemption): His photos were hidden near a big hayfield in Buxton.
  16. Amelia Earhart: Sadly lost her photos somewhere in the Pacific ocean.
  17. Oprah: She doesn’t need to store her photos. Anything she touches turns into a broadway musical and goes straight to the NY Times best seller.
  18. Judy Garland: Her photos are stored somewhere over the rainbow.
  19. Genghis Khan: He conquered half the world looking for a good place to store his photos.
  20. Indiana Jones: His photos were saved deep in the Temple of Doom.
  21. George Bailey: Stored his photos in a bank vault in Bailey Saving & Loan where they were kept safe from Mr. Potter.

Yup, this is how you spend your lunches when you work at a hot online photo image storage company!

Gerard Murphy

Gerard Murphy is an entrepreneurial do-er who is the CEO / Co-Founder of Mosaic. He is also a decent guy who loves his family, taking photos and startup culture. Loves promoting Mosaic to the world. Gerard has written several articles on entrepreneurship, marketing and photography that have appeared in publications including Forbes, LinkedIn and Photofocus.

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